What Debt Collectors Don’t Want You To Know

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All across Salt Lake City, there are countless people who are avoiding their phones. The constant phone calls from debt collectors can drive anyone crazy. Many creditors and debt collection agencies constantly violate federal laws designed to protect consumers. Most get away with these practices because most people do not properly understand their rights. Whether you are drowning in debt or simply having a temporary financial setback, there are laws on the books to protect consumers from creditor harassment.

Get To Know the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

In 1977, Congress passed the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act to protect consumers from unnecessary creditor harassment. Although it is enforced by the Fair Trade Commission, far too many people throughout Utah continue to deal with the constant ringing of their phones. Knowing your rights is the first important step to stop creditor harassment. Here are some key rules under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act debt collectors constantly violate.

  • No phone contact before 8 am or after 9 pm: Debt collectors can only contact consumers by phone during a certain time of the day.
  • No phone contact at work: Debt collectors are not allowed to contact consumers at their workplace unless they are given permission.
  • Debt collectors must provide proper identification: Some debt collector representatives have been known to falsely pose as attorneys, police or government officials. Any misrepresentation if a blatant violation.
  • No repeat phone calls during the day: Creditors are not allowed to make constant phone calls during the course of a day.
  • No arrest claims: Creditors cannot threaten consumers with an arrest over the phone.
  • Must provide accurate information: Some creditors have been known to misrepresent the amount consumers owe.
  • Make Threats of garnishments: Creditors cannot make the threat of any kind of garnishments over the phone, whether it is social security benefits or bank accounts.

A Salt Lake City Creditor Harassment Attorney Can Help

Far too many people throughout Utah live with the stress of constant creditor harassment. But it does not need to continue. Most avoid taking action because they are either unaware of the Fair Debt Collection Act or simply feel powerless. Instead of avoiding your phone, just one call to an experienced and knowledgeable legal professional is the first important step to finally put an end to creditor harassment. Your attorney can immediately contact the Federal Trade Commission to put an end the calls. They can also make sure those responsible are forced to face justice for their illegal acts.

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