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Being in debt is not nice experience, especially when you are being bombarded by those unwanted calls and hate mail. Every time the phone rings you think is a debt collector trying to make your life more miserable. The harassment will never stop unless you do something about it. If you have been harassed by debt collectors lately, make sure you hire a Salt Lake City creditor harassment attorney to represent you and protect your rights. But let’s discuss some useful tips that may put a stop to collection harassment and help you get on the path to a financially stable life.

Learn what your rights are

The first thing to adopt is a new attitude. Remember debt collectors will continue being rude. That’s their job. Don’t get angry with them and don’t allow them bully you. Collectors also have limitations. They can’t call before 8 am or after 9 pm. You have to let them know they are not allowed to contact your family or employer and they need to stop contacting you. Send them a certified letter with your request. This is a legal prove they were told to stop calling you. The request needs to be in writing in order to be legally valid under federal law.

Some things debt collectors can’t do:

● Dishonest conduct
● Call you constantly
● Contact you   when you already requested them not to do so
● Contact your loved   out your debt (They can ask about you location but not about your finances)
● Publish your information wr name
● Use threats such as withholding cstody, welfare benefits, or send you to jail
Insulting you
● Not telling you where they are calling fontact you when you already have a Salt Lake City creditor harassment attorney representing you and you already told them to contact your attorney if they have any questions about your debt.

They must provide documentation

The debt must first be proven in order to be paid. Even when you owe money, the creditor needs to provide documentation. Sometimes a third party buys the debt but they have no idea how much the original debt was. This may work to your advantage. Be honest with them. Tell them you won’t be able to pay right now and tell them how long more or less it’ll take for you to fully pay your debt and when can you start. Give them the reasons why you can’t pay at this time: sick, unemployed, more important expenses, etc.

Negotiate payments

Sometimes debt collectors are willing to negotiate. Maybe you can work out a deal and lower the amount of your payments. Sometimes you will be given the opportunity to pay less than the total amount. This is particularly true when a third party buys your debt as they usually pay much less than the amount you owe.

A Salt Lake City creditor harassment attorney can help

There comes a time when the only option left is contacting an attorney who will unfold the legal alternatives available for you. A Salt Lake City creditor harassment attorney can contact debt collection agencies for you and stop the harassment.

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