Utah Bankruptcy Law

Utah Bankruptcy Law

Like most areas of the law, Utah bankruptcy law and regulations are complicated. For a person with no extensive knowledge of the law, these technical matters can be very overwhelming. And with its myriad complex areas, learning all the concepts in detail and understanding them by heart can be very challenging.

Utah Bankruptcy Law

Given its incomprehensible and intricate nature, it is natural for an ordinary person to encounter missteps and error if one should pursue a bankruptcy filing on his or her own. That, however, can be very costly, in terms of money, time, and effort. For this reason, it is highly recommended that one should seek legal representation when dealing with the complexities of Utah bankruptcy law.

In all, Utah bankruptcy law affords protection against creditors to individuals and business who are struggling with their finances. By filing a petition, bankruptcy law allows these debtors to preserve their assets or retain possession of their properties. During the period of bankruptcy protection, the creditors are not permitted to get hold of the debtors’ assets without the permission of the court. In addition, these debtors are given the opportunity to pay off their debts in a manner and schedule that is most convenient and feasible to them.

Under bankruptcy law, the debtors are given five options: Chapters 7, 9, 11, 12, and 13. Each of these options provides protection to debtors of varied statuses (individual or business) as well as delineates several rights, payment options, and creditor protection.

Are you planning to file for bankruptcy? Speak with the highly experienced bankruptcy lawyers of Justin Myers Attorney-at-Law. We will gladly listen to your predicament and get you feasible solutions to address your concerns.

Why Do You Need a Bankruptcy Attorney?

You have probably heard horrible stories about people filing for bankruptcy protection without the assistance of counsel. Because of their lack of understanding and knowledge of Utah bankruptcy law, it leads to serious repercussions. These un-counseled bankruptcy petitioners suffered creditor problems, considerably lost their properties, and had bad credit, just to name a few.

All these consequences stemmed from one simple reason: they just do not know the law and how it applies to them. With this lack of knowledge, they were not capable of navigating the bankruptcy processes. In addition, they were not aware of the rights and protection that they were entitled as well as the remedies that they could have exhausted to their benefit.

Unfamiliarity, in this case, can be fatal. For this reason, seeking legal representation in bankruptcy cases is crucial. If you are considering on filing for bankruptcy protection and need the help of a seasoned attorney, get in touch with us here at Justin Myers Attorney-at-Law. For years, we have helped many people in their bankruptcy woes.

Our highly experienced bankruptcy attorneys are familiar with the intricacies of the process. We can help you get protection from your creditors to preserve your assets. We can also create a personalized plan that allows you to pay your debts. Feel free to discuss your concerns with us. Contact our office at 801-505-9679 to schedule your consultation.

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